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Growth-minded sales experts - meet the team

Understanding how to best sell your product to your ideal customer is a job for open minds, curious attitudes and tireless innovators.
Get to know our sales professionals, eager to kick-start your growth!

Kalle Söderholm

Kalle Söderholm | GrowthBay Finland Oy


Team-player with network-building international trade expertise


Kalle is our expert network and team builder for thriving international trade. His experiences in professional sports coaching, sponsorships, and apparel have proven how high-functioning teams achieve unrivaled results. Kalle is a goal-driven team player motivated by the success of others.

Some highlights in Kalle’s career

Building success at alpine skiing

Kalle was a coach for the Finnish alpine ski teams during the most successful years of the sport in Finland so far. Even though success in alpine skiing is measured by individual performances, it was the coaches’ ambition to build high-performing teams that resulted in top ranking individuals.

Brand recognition for apparel

As head of marketing, Kalle was building recognition for Halti brand in Central Europe. Halti was the main sponsor for a number of alpine ski world championships. Kalle was caring for dozens of sponsors, utilising the events up to their full potential for brand visibility. Kalle’s work was part of Halti’s foreign trade growth from 1 to 11 million euros in 5 years.

Conceptualising sponsor packages

As a fundraising partner at Infront, Kalle conceptualised sponsorship packages for the Finnish alpine skiing and freestyle teams to create the most value for the sponsors’ funds. He negotiated the partnerships, handled sponsor relations and organised sponsorship events.

International tech sales networks

Most recently, Kalle has been building international sales networks for health technology start-ups. Among others he was responsible for the building and success of BrainLit’s international sports business, as well as its commercial partner network now operating in Finland with an order backlog of millions of Euros.

Arto Luukkainen

Arto Luukkainen | GrowthBay Finland Oy


Senior-level solution-selling, project sales and management expert 

Arto is a powerful combination of successful selling tactics, assertiveness to tackle challenges and a humble attitude towards feedback. Arto has worked in sales and business development for over 20 years, cooking up millions in project sales, as well as concepts for new products and services


Some highlights in Arto’s career

Number one market share for new business

Arto was launching Panasonic Toughbook business in Finland at Kaukomarkkinat. With the help of his colleagues, he built the market for rugged devices by vigorously proving the concept at customer locations in multiple industries, as well as negotiating governmental framework agreements. As a result, Toughbook gained the largest market share of all rugged devices in Finland. 

Successful partnerships with solution providers

Started a number of successful partnerships with software and hardware solutions providers to widen Kaukomarkkinat’s portfolio. Was responsible for commercialisation and productisation of software solutions, as well as development of partnerships with start-ups and software development firms.

From product to solution oriented sales culture

At Kauko, Arto was transforming a product-oriented sales culture into a solution-selling culture through inspirational management and strategy deployment tactics, as well as development of sales and marketing processes and CRM utilisation

Versatility through different sales and leadership roles

Has successfully held a number of positions from new customer acquisition to key account and partner account management, product ownership and new business development roles, including member of the board at Kauko Oy from 2020-2022.

Johan Enlund



Analytical professional with international experience from niche markets

Johan is our commercial finance expert, who analyzes businesses through hard data. In addition to his vast experience in finance and IFRS accounting, he’s started businesses, completed mergers and acquisitions, and formed exit strategies. His career in business development and international trade is spiced with hard-to-sell offerings in niche markets.


Some highlights in Johan’s career

Bringing valuable financial perspective

Johan is an experienced finance professional with a background working in boards, management teams, and hands-on specialist roles in various functions. With almost 20 years of experience in stock listed companies, he is your go-to-choice for financial perspective whether you are a startup on a funding round, an SME entering international markets, or selling your product to a CFO.

Analysing potential for new ventures

Not afraid to take up a challenge, Johan has e.g. sold an ice-cream line in Tehran and set up companies in countries such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and Norway. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves on a new project, analyse its business potential – and understand how to best sell it in the target market.

Successfully completing M&A's and deploying strategies

You can trust your market research and sales strategy to be scrutinised in Johan’s hands. He has created and deployed new strategies in multicultural environments and brings to table his decades of experience from boards, stock launches (IPO), leading finance functions and completing mergers and acquisitions.

Leading international teams and projects

Johan has been leading finance, accounting, HR and IT functions with international teams and partner networks in over 15 countries. He has managed ERP and business intelligence projects keeping deadlines with accurate reporting. Johan is experienced in working with international commercial and financial partners in e.g. outsourcing accounting and sourcing specialised products.

Kyösti Ollila

Kyösti Ollila

Leadership professional with commercial and strategic thinking


Kyösti is a knowledgeable sales professional with wide-ranging solution-selling experience from footwear to ultra-modern technology. He is skilled in matching customer needs with new-to-market services and products. Kyösti leads his teams with responsibility and open discussion towards mutual success.


Some highlights in Kyösti’s career

Turning opportunities into profitable business

During his long career, Kyösti has started several new businesses with new product categories that have ended up representing major parts of the business’ turnover. Understanding customer expectations helps him recognise market potential for new products and services, come up with winning sales approaches, and turn them into profitable businesses.

Creating best-selling strategies

Kyösti has fought head-to-head with market leaders to take over their number one position, e.g. when introducing Panasonic Toughbooks to the Finnish market. His innovativeness combined with his vast knowledge of different industries allows him to come up with strategies that act as differentiators in the market, bringing real added value to customers and winning competition.

Valued partner for global principals

Kyösti’s responsible way of working and strong sales results are highly valued among his principals. He builds personal relationships and bases his partnerships on trust and appreciation. Kyösti is experienced in building successful sales and service operations, leading organisations, and teams to exceed their targets.

Commercial success in public tendering

If you’re looking for a sales director with experience in public tendering and government organisations, look no further. Kyösti understands the twists and turns of the process and knows how to build successful tenders. With his help, you’ll create long customer relationships that bring revenue for years to come.