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Growth-minded sales experts - meet the team

Understanding how to best sell your product to your ideal customer is a job for open minds, curious attitudes and tireless innovators.
Get to know our sales professionals, eager to kick-start your growth!

Kalle Söderholm

Kalle Söderholm | GrowthBay Finland Oy


Team-player with network-building international trade expertise


Kalle is our expert network and team builder for thriving international trade. His experiences in professional sports coaching, sponsorships, and apparel have proven how high-functioning teams achieve unrivaled results. Kalle is a goal-driven team player motivated by the success of others.

Some highlights in Kalle’s career

Building success at alpine skiing

Kalle was a coach for the Finnish alpine ski teams during the most successful years of the sport in Finland so far. Even though success in alpine skiing is measured by individual performances, it was the coaches’ ambition to build high-performing teams that resulted in top ranking individuals.

Brand recognition for apparel

As head of marketing, Kalle was building recognition for Halti brand in Central Europe. Halti was the main sponsor for a number of alpine ski world championships. Kalle was caring for dozens of sponsors, utilising the events up to their full potential for brand visibility. Kalle’s work was part of Halti’s foreign trade growth from 1 to 11 million euros in 5 years.

Conceptualising sponsor packages

As a fundraising partner at Infront, Kalle conceptualised sponsorship packages for the Finnish alpine skiing and freestyle teams to create the most value for the sponsors’ funds. He negotiated the partnerships, handled sponsor relations and organised sponsorship events.

International tech sales networks

Most recently, Kalle has been building international sales networks for health technology start-ups. Among others he was responsible for the building and success of BrainLit’s international sports business, as well as its commercial partner network now operating in Finland with an order backlog of millions of Euros.

Juha Rytkönen

Juha Rytkönen | GrowthBay Finland Oy


Visionary change management and international sales professional

Juha is known for his effective change management skills, international networks and know-how, partnership-driven sales results, and new channel development. His pioneering attitude is rooted in the late 1990’s as the first Finnish internet service providers and web services started to boom.


Some highlights in Juha’s career

Sales-driven partnerships

At Nokia, Juha negotiated and lead the global deployment project of partnerships with Electronic Arts and Rovio. EA Games Gift resulted in nearly 50% of shoppers more likely to consider or buy Nokia globally. Angry Birds game preloaded to mobiles and characters used as one of the key elements of consumer marketing activities. Juha lead the project for development, deployment and marketing of free streaming music (Mix Radio), which became an important sales driver

Channel and advertising revenue

Under Juha, Global concept started introducing relevant content based on consumer lifecycle and device, with monthly visitors reaching over 400 million (up from 30 million). Channel became a solid revenue stream and biggest advertising revenue source. He lead the integration of and Nokia application store into one experience, resulting in record-breaking results through downloads and revenue.

Best-selling strategies

Juha brought OnePlus into the Finnish market, personally responsible for tens of millions of euros in sales. OnePlus became the most sold phone at Elisa and remained number one for nearly a year. Juha negotiated an exclusive contract with a British operator, bringing OnePlus sales quickly into top 3 in the UK. To level sales cycles, he and the product development team introduced the first limited edition phone that sold out within a day.

Turning a profitable leaf

As CEO, Juha turned an unprofitable Kauko Oy business profitable with the best results in the near history of the company – a turnover of over 26 million and result of over 2 million euro. 

Arto Luukkainen

Arto Luukkainen | GrowthBay Finland Oy


Senior-level solution-selling, project sales and management expert 

Arto is a powerful combination of successful selling tactics, assertiveness to tackle challenges and a humble attitude towards feedback. Arto has worked in sales and business development for over 20 years, cooking up millions in project sales, as well as concepts for new products and services


Some highlights in Arto’s career

Number one market share for new business

Arto was launching Panasonic Toughbook business in Finland at Kaukomarkkinat. With the help of his colleagues, he built the market for rugged devices by vigorously proving the concept at customer locations in multiple industries, as well as negotiating governmental framework agreements. As a result, Toughbook gained the largest market share of all rugged devices in Finland. 

Successful partnerships with solution providers

Started a number of successful partnerships with software and hardware solutions providers to widen Kaukomarkkinat’s portfolio. Was responsible for commercialisation and productisation of software solutions, as well as development of partnerships with start-ups and software development firms.

From product to solution oriented sales culture

At Kauko, Arto was transforming a product-oriented sales culture into a solution-selling culture through inspirational management and strategy deployment tactics, as well as development of sales and marketing processes and CRM utilisation

Versatility through different sales and leadership roles

Has successfully held a number of positions from new customer acquisition to key account and partner account management, product ownership and new business development roles, including member of the board at Kauko Oy from 2020-2022.