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Let us chase customer insight for your growth

Growth companies fail, because they lack the skills to sell and monetize their awesome product, software or service, or they don't test their ideas properly with end-customers.

With our senior-level sales expertise and undaunted personalities, we help identify and test your business potential: we chase the market for customer insight that turns into growth.

Network with others for mutual success

Sometimes, all that stands in the way of growth is a missing link: a piece of hardware or software that bridges together the end-customer need with a winning technological solution.

Our network of growth companies is looking for the perfect partner or technology to unleash their full potential with. We bring these companies together for mutual success.


GrowthBay Finland is proud to work with Sari Kola - a professional of innovations helping our customers recognize the first steps in commercializing New opportunities. 

Ms. Sari Kola, known as Innovationdoctor, is part of our extended team. She has the ability to see how potential can be turned into a successful business and she will be working with us and our customers. You are more than welcome to visit her (Finnish) website from the link below. 


Typical struggles with commercial growth

Any company excels at selling their number one product to their number one customer. Whether you are a start-up, scale-up or large corporation, you're facing the same struggles when out of your comfort zone.

Either you're too fixated on what used to sell, or you're unable to translate the benefits to your customer.

Lack of customer insight ultimately turns into these struggles:

Identify value Identify value

Identifying and communicating your value

You won't succeed in sales, if your customer doesn't understand the concept or benefits of your offering.

New product-new customer New Product-new customer

Selling a new product to a new customer

Building trust and demand is difficult, when both you and your offering are unknown to market.

Old Product Old Product

Selling an old product to a new customer

Relying on old success is not enough - your customer has to understand your value through personal gain.

New Product New product

Selling a new product to an old customer

Your reputation can only get you so far. If your new product doesn't meet customer expectations, it won't sell.

We turn great ideas, innovations, products, and solutions into commercial success stories

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